Tina Turner
Tina Turner (Courtesy photo)

Police are investigating the discovery of a swastika at an Asheville, North Carolina, record store that was spray-painted over a mural of music icon Tina Turner.

The mural on the pulldown storefront at Static Age Records was defaced after the store closed on the evening of Dec. 23. Someone drew the Nazi emblem — though incorrectly — with three of four spiraling arms pointing counterclockwise.

Store owner Jesse McSwain said someone unconnected to the shop apparently covered the mural in a black sheet before he could address the situation. Static Age called police and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

McSwain said his store is “a widely inclusive, safe space” and that “hate speech will get you out the door.”

Recent incidents where swastikas or anti-Semitic graffiti have been used to vandalize property include at a synagogue in D.C.

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