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Our Ancient African Ancestors by-passed anything related to “Faith/Belief” in God’s existence and proceeded to establish Spiritual Evidence/Proof of God’s manifestations. Their reasons: to address the Base/Foundational question for “How Shall I Live?” and to understand differences between animals, humans, and Divine Beings. They considered themselves as Divine Beings who were a “work in progress”–with components of their Selfhood in various stages of development. Their strivings for self-cultivation were done with a sense of self-efficacy (knowing their skills were a match for the challenges, even those never seen nor heard of before). They said the best way to “Know” something is to do the hard research to achieve the absence of all doubt for or against something.

For them to Know required visualizing with the Right Brain; separating Reality for analysis via the Left Brain; and unifying Reality by means of their Right and Left Brains. Their brilliant Step I approach is to: “Know Thyself” because to discover what is natural within oneself and what underlies what is natural about oneself is to realize the same applies throughout the Cosmos. Step II is doing the tedious work to discover requirements for stepping into and living up to the ultimate unrealized Reality where Wisdom resides. Step III, as a result of thereby functioning out of the Circle of Wholism, is relying upon Spiritual/Secular Knowing to infer other aspects of the Laws of Nature and their application to daily living.

Ways African Sages, the top Highest Self achievers, established proof included: all of their Revelations of Cosmic Creation were in agreement + African Priest-Astronomers (using astro-mathematics) confirmed those Revelations + Circumstantial Truths proved their Mathematics to be right + observations of Nature’s Laws of Correspondence led to Workable Ma’at Practices. From all of these aspects they “Knew” that although God is unknowable, God’s existence is Knowable by God’s manifestations in Nature.

From resultant accumulated Spiritual Evidences/Proof establishing God (a Big Mind) as being the Intelligence behind all the laws of Nature (Amen, Maat, p28), African Sages inferred the original form of the Spiritual Elements–Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural–emanated out of the Cosmic Mind as the Substance of God, like the sap flows throughout a tree. This “Knowing” is what the Ancient African Bible says one is to look for when on the pursuit of “Right Living.” Everything “Right” must contain these four Spiritual Elements and accept nothing which contradicts them or by-passes them. When one “Knows” something, the something happening out of it is Certainty.

Such Certainty imparts Self and Method Confidence in progressing towards ones Highest Self. It prevents being side-tracked by attractive distractions and defensiveness about/unaffected by contrary opinions. “Knowing” God exists spurred Ancient Africans to work harder to achieve the Certainty of their ultimate destiny of returning to God in the same purified state in which each human was originally formed. Reflecting on all that is throughout the Cosmic Metaphysical and Material realms made it clear that there are only a few Principles and Laws of Nature and they are simply repeated over and over in different forms.

The presence of unity of all Real things in both large and small patterns means it has an inherent intelligence (know-how instinct from God) guiding it. Also, their divine order is a symbol of “Rightness” for “How Shall I Live” in helping oneself and others. That these Principles of Knowing, which are foundational to African Tradition, apply in the present became intuitively evident to me as a student at Meharry Medical School (Nashville, Tennessee). One morning while looking through a microscope, I was awed by all the harmonious inner workings within a biological cell. Then that evening, when looking through a telescope, it was amazing to note in the sky very similar things seen in the cell earlier that morning. I then understood: “In each of us there is a little of all of us.


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