Chet Hanks (Courtesy Photo)
Chet Hanks (Courtesy Photo)
Chet Hanks (Courtesy Photo)

(Toronto Sun) – Tom Hanks’ rapper son Chet Haze has defended his use of the N-word, insisting the term transcends race and is used to express “camaraderie and love” in the hip-hop community.

The Oscar winner’s 24-year-old son, real name Chester Hanks, has made a name for himself as an MC, but critics have repeatedly slammed him for his liberal use of the racial slur.

In a recent Instagram post (which has been since deleted) promoting his new song, Haze wrote in the caption, “Check out the song me and my n—- chillthatdude just dropped (released).”

His followers soon took aim at his ease in using the N-word, but he quickly hit back, insisting he was exercising his right to “FREE SPEECH”.


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