Chester "Chet Haze" Hanks (Courtesy of Facebook)
Chester "Chet Haze" Hanks (Courtesy of Facebook)
Chester “Chet Haze” Hanks (Courtesy of Facebook)

(CNN) – Chester Hanks, son of actor Tom Hanks and actress Rita Wilson, is under fire for a series of Instagram posts in which he defends his use of the n-word.

The aspiring rapper, who also goes by the name Chet Haze, says he uses the racially charged word among his friends as part of his right to free speech.

“Hip-hop isn’t about race. It’s about the culture you identify with,” Hanks said, adding that most people do not understand his position. In another video, he said the n-word is “an unspoken thing between people who are friends, who understand each other.”

Hanks’ Instagram account has been taken down, although others have posted screenshots of his comments.


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