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Travis Greene (Courtesy photo)

“I gave God my faith. People would say it’s the favor of God,” said seven-time Stellar Award winner Travis Greene about his mind-blowing music career and the meaning behind his single “You Waited” from his new live album “Crossover: Live from Music City.”

“He has allowed me to do what I’m doing,” Green said. “What would I be if He left me? God is rich in patience. God revealed his patience to me.”

Greene started his career while in college in 2007. He released his first studio album, “Stretching Out” (Pendulum), in 2010, followed by “The Hill” (RCA Inspirational) in 2015, which reached #1 on Billboard. He has produced two #1 singles, “Intentional” in 2015 and “Made a Way” in 2016.

“Crossover: Live From Music City,” his third commercial album release, is a recording of a February concert in Nashville, Tennessee. The music video for “You Waited” is taken from footage of the sold-out concert.

Greene, now the pastor of Forward City Church in Columbia, South Carolina, is currently performing nationally and internationally. He has shows in Trinidad and Tobago on June 15, west Nigeria on June 21 and the Mega Fest in Dallas from June 30 to July 1.

“I started pastoring just in August, it’s only been nine months,” he kind of giggled when I questioned him about his career as a pastor.

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