Franklin Khan
Franklin Khan

The government of Trinidad and Tobago is expected to decide by the end of the year if it will phase out the use of super gasoline as a fuel in T&T and only allow the use of premium gasoline.

Energy Minister Franklin Khan has admitted that the matter has gone to the cabinet but said no final decision has been taken.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Trinidad Guardian, Khan said that option has been presented to him as the minister of energy, but “no decision has been taken on that as yet.”

Asked if it had gone to the cabinet already, Khan said, “Yes, it went to the cabinet. The cabinet has not taken a decision on it. It reserved its decision to the liberalization of the price.”

Asked if it is fair to say the cabinet will decide once it sees how the liberalization of the fuels market works, Khan simply added, “Yes, that is fair to say.”

If the government decides on phasing out super gasoline it is likely to have a significant impact on motorists, the vast majority of whom use super gasoline because it is less expensive than premium.

It could potentially have the knock-on effect of higher taxi fares and cause inflationary pressure.

Khan admitted that natural gas production was a major challenge facing the country and that this year would be bad. But he posited that better days are coming.

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