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Three proposed Trump administration rule changes could result in the loss of food stamps and benefit decreases among millions of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, recipients, a new study has found.

The recently released study by the Urban Institute which examined the three rules in combination for the first time, found that during an average month, 3.7 million fewer people would receive SNAP, 2.2 million households would see their average monthly benefits drop by $127, more than 3 million others would see an average drop of $37 per month, and 982,000 students would lose access to free or reduced lunches.

“What we found is that overall, the three proposed changes would reduce the number of households participating in SNAP by about 11 percent if this was implemented in 2018,” Laura Wheaton, a senior fellow at the Urban Institute who conducted the study, said in a statement. “It’s about a 9.4 percent reduction in the number of people participating and about an 8 percent reduction in overall benefits.”

The new rules, proposed over the past year by the Department of Agriculture, create stricter work requirements for program eligibility, limit deductions for utility allowances and “reform” the way 40 states automatically enroll families in SNAP when they receive other forms of federal aid.

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