**FILE** Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons)
**FILE** Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons)

Judge Aileen Cannon’s fitness to preside over the high-profile classified documents case involving former President Donald Trump has become increasingly worrisome for legal experts.

On Monday, the Trump appointee, and unabashed fan of the ex-president rejected special counsel Jack Smith’s attempt to preserve “grand jury secrecy” through sealed filings, raising more questions about her handling of the case.

In her ruling, Cannon questioned the “legal propriety” of Smith’s use of an “out-of-district grand jury to continue to investigate and/or seek post-indictment hearings.”

She demanded that Smith explain this by Aug. 22.

The complexity of the Mar-a-Lago documents case, with portions of the grand jury work conducted in Cannon’s district and Washington, D.C., appeared to perplex the judge, some legal analysts opined.

Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance expressed concern online, suggesting that Cannon’s latest order might call into question her fitness to preside over the case.

Andrew Weissmann, a former assistant U.S. attorney, echoed the sentiment, stating that Cannon’s order seemed “off base.”

Weissmann further criticized Cannon’s understanding of the case, arguing that the obstruction charges under investigation could have been brought in either Florida or D.C., thus warranting investigation in either district.

He also highlighted that certain alleged conduct occurred outside Florida.

“I’m betting that Judge Cannon’s account of the out-of-district investigation is not the full story,” former senior Department of Justice official Harry Litman said in a Raw Story report.

“But hard to see how she can justify not sealing her order referring to another Grand Jury. Could this be a possible vehicle for taking her up and seeking her recusal? Not clear yet.”

Further, MSNBC host and former prosecutor Katie Phang also remarked that Cannon’s moves could result in her recusal.

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  1. She needs to be taken off case, sounds like she is trying to get Trump off. Should never have been appointed. Not enough experience. For this type of trial.

    1. Well if the swamp stopped with all these bogus charges there wouldn’t even be a need for a court hearing except for the corrupt traitor F Joe Biden.

  2. Canon should recuse herself, If she will not do it then she should also be held accountable for witness tampering for allowing it to happen.

    1. And so should everyone who pushed for the toxic vaccines. Not to mention the destruction of our country, and all the disgusting video of the pedophile Joe around anyone. He doesn’t have the morals to keep his hands to himeself.

    1. If one of your friends was indicted on 78 felony charges, would you have any doubt about their guilt? Like who does that? The man is a kingpin, godfather, Mafia boss, thug and grifter, and you should stop echoing his pitiful excuses.

      1. Yes, I would. I’ve seen this two tiered justice system in action. There are people who have been locked up for far less than what the Dems and the traitor in the Whitehouse has done.

    2. Amen to that. Notice NOTHING is said about CHUTKIN being recused for previously admitting bias against Donald J. Trump. Nothing is said that she too, worked for BARISMA?! And contributed thousands of dollars as Jack Smith has re: Obama and Biden/Democrats and still isn’t forced to RECUSE. HERSELF?!; Obviously her purpose is to obstrct justice and the integrity of a Presidential Candidate that is a political opponent of hers which is unethical and unprofessional.

      Kind Regards,

      Chaplain Debbie Poulos

    3. I hope Biden gets into trouble with his documents.There are so many criminals in the democratic regime. They have been seeking to take our freedoms away.

  3. You have to love the liberals wanting a judge appointed by Trump removed. Yet you would Never in 1,000,000 years heard the same people say that about a Judge that was appointed by Bill Clinton when Hillary was being prosecuted for the same…….wait Hillary never was prosecuted for the server or emails! Sorry my bad!

    1. Exactly Amen…

      God bless America and her Justice, Truth, Strength, Integrity and Freedom.

      Chaplain Debbie Poulos

  4. Which we all heard the tapes of Dump asking to find votes…so if Biden does the same thing and finds votes to beat Dump again its just fine.

    1. That is Donald J. Trump Mam and he clearly won his Presidential Re-election which was stolen by the Deep State. Also Biden was quoted back then, on a video ignorantly as usual saying how easy it was to steal the election for Obama.

      In God’s Truth,

      Chaplain Debbie Poulos

    2. The difference is, Biden will just add 500k votes for himself and give Trump 35k after the counting was stopped add Trump was to far ahead for Biden to catch him. There have been election workers and politicians sent to prison already for election fraud, so give me a break from your nonsense.

  5. This is all political and there wanting to keep him from being the President again we’re in reality we need Trump

    1. Amen! You can ‘see’ their choices appointed for supposed UNBIASED, di-called justice are all politically motivated against Donald J. Trump, truth be known.

      In His Truth,

      Chaplain Debbie Poulos

  6. Let’s do something about the border crisis. I think people are more important than what or what not Trump and Biden have done.

  7. FOR WHAT? What has he done that makes him a need? What qualities do you most COMMEND him for? His honesty, his faithfulness, his endeavors to elevate, rather than tear down individuals, his modesty regarding his intellectual prowess, his wealth, etc, etc. He has the rights not to possess these qualities, but don’t pretend you have them when you obviously do not. You can still admire your choice, but remember what you see is usually what you get.

  8. They have discovered that after closing the poles in Michigan that trucks pulled up with thousands of votes, for Joe. They know they will be watched closer this time, so they are getting rid of Trump before the election. Political

  9. I wish the Democrats worked as hard on their jobs as they do on president Trump they might actually get something accomplished . Dumb asses

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