In recognition of Black History Month, President Donald Trump on Thursday addressed an applauding group of Black supporters that included Alice Johnson — whom he released in 2018 on Kim Kardashian West’s recommendation — telling them he deserves “100 percent” support for his record on issues affecting African Americans.

The event, held in the White House East Room, included an accounting of economic statistics and legislative victories on criminal justice reform and funding for historically Black colleges and universities.

“I just want to congratulate the Black community because what you’ve done in the progress you’ve made over the last three years,” Trump told the attendees. “The African American poverty rate has plummeted to the lowest level in the history of our country. These are good numbers. I don’t know. I mean, I should be at 100 percent, I hate to tell you.”

Trump praised his advocacy for the First Step Act that decreased many prison sentences, as well as his decision to provide clemency to several African Americans such as author and reality TV star Angela Stanton King whom he pardoned this month.

Trump said he related to injustice affecting African Americans because of his own experience as president.

“I get treated unfairly, too. We all get treated unfairly,” Trump said. “You know when you get treated unfairly? You know what you have to do? Just keep winning. Win, win, win. Keep winning. That’s what you’ve been doing.”

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