Brély Evans and Andra Fuller star in the new TV One film "You Can't Fight Christmas." (Courtesy photo)
Brély Evans and Andra Fuller star in the new TV One film "You Can't Fight Christmas." (Courtesy photo)

TV One will premiere this month a new holiday movie, “You Can’t Fight Christmas,” which aims to add something new to the usual Christmas groove as well as show African-American families in a terrific light.

The movie, which stars Brély Evans, premieres Dec. 10 at 7 p.m. ET.

Evans, who has also starred in shows such as “Being Mary Jane” and “Born Again Virgin,” said the film is a great alternative to the standard Christmas fare.

“This is a movie that the whole family can watch,” Evans says. “You can enjoy this fixing dinner, wrapping presents and just spending time with family. When you think about all of the things that are happening around the world, it is so important now more than ever for African-Americans to be able to see other African-Americans in a positive light and remember who and what we are and this movie does just that. It’s fun, romantic, relaxing and all-around entertaining.”

Set at the fictional Chesterton Hotel, a classic landmark and epicenter of a small town’s annual Christmas celebration, expert interior designer Leslie Major (Evans) is busy preparing the lodging for the upcoming festivities when she lays eyes on the hotel owner’s grandson, Edmund James (Andra Fuller, “Here We Go Again,” “Black Jesus”), who quickly has her smitten.

However, the plot takes quickly takes a turn as Leslie discovers that Edmund and his uptight business partner, Millicent (Persia White, “Girlfriends”), have secret plans that will shake up the hotel and entire town.

Edmund intends to completely revamp the hotel into an upscale business resort once he inherits the place from his grandfather, and plans by the always-scheming Millicent somehow involve a wedding ring.

Viewers will be on their toes during this fun holiday film, and will also have the opportunity during the premiere to interact with Evans, who will live-tweet the event.

“In Hollywood it’s not every day that the curvy girl gets the guy,” Evans said. “However in this movie, that concept doesn’t even exist because the characters see each other as people and not just a title, which is also a very important message. So sit back, kick your feet up and enjoy a really good holiday movie made by people of color, for people of color.”

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