(The Times Gazette) – Searching and discovering TV programs that you are keen on watching has now been made pretty easy by TiVO Online, which is a free portal that helps you find programs you want to watch from your cable operator or a wide array of streaming services.  With this the hassle of searching a wide array of apps and content providers to locate the service that offers your favorite show is eliminated. Upon launch, subscribers of TiVO can stream live as well as recorded TV on their home network or launch the titles with just a click from the streaming sites and programmers supported by TiVO.

The free services include popular programs based on themes and genres in “What to watch now”, unified search and quick access using the “TiVo guide”.  For active subscribers of TiVo, TiVO online also offers “Onepass Creation and Management” to edit, create, or copy selections from one DVR to another as also watching TV live or streaming recordings at home. A planned update later this year, will also anyone registering for a free account to enjoy the highly personalized viewing experience that is available to TiVO subscribers now. Managing your ‘My Shows’ list is another feature that allows you to find shows that you like and add them to “My Shows” to replay it any time you like.

Additionally, even if you are not a TiVO subscriber you can just enter your zip code and see what shows are available to you in that area.


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