“Women on the Move,” an hourlong television show devoted to promoting positivity among all women nationwide — particularly those of African descent — recently began airing nationally, including last week’s broadcast in the D.C. market.

The quarterly program, which features different women doing dynamic things, aired in the region Feb. 24 on WDCW-TV with four prominent women from the D.C. area.

Show producer Darryl Pitts of 3LF Entertainment, who has experience doing similar showcases of celebrities such as Halle Berry and Erykah Badu, said the D.C. show has been his best distributed show thus far, surpassing recent segments with rapper Eminem and varied gospel artists, proving just how valid women of color are to the world.

“We are in a time now where we are looking for different things,” Pitts said. “Now people want to hear about your local women of color [as] entrepreneurs and those doing extraordinary things in their communities. They’re looking for these local heroes and they’re excited about it, and I think that is what has made this program so successful.”

Dawn Green, founder of consulting company Marketing Excellence, said she was proud to be one of the women featured on the D.C. show, extolling the true beauty in celebrating fellow women of color.

“I think this group of women … this program is awesome,” Green said. “When women of color come out and network and talk and share, that’s powerful. And so for me to be a part of this project is amazing. I’m a huge activist in the community and I am a firm believer that whoever has the information also has the power, and so I am here making sure that women of color have and are given information and the power.”

Dawn Moss, Carolina Kitchen manager and 1996 Miss Black USA, said that the work of “Women on the Move” inspired her to join the TV project as a co-producer.

“Anytime I can work toward something that empowers women, I’m there,” Moss said. “That’s what I’m about … building others up so that they may shine, especially among my Black and brown sisters. You know I actually grew up with Dawn Green. She’s my best friend, an advocate for the Lord, a great mom and a savvy business woman doing big things, so I knew without a doubt she’d make for a great feature.”

Lauren Poteat is a versatile writer with a strong background in communications and media experience with an additional background in education and development.

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