(STGist) – Abuse, bullying, and other forms of harassment on the web may be inevitable due to its size — but for Twitter, keeping users with past records out of the platform could minimize the problem.

Several weeks after Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo admitted that they “suck at dealing with abuse and trolls“, the platform is now rolling out a new update to its system to prevent, or just make it harder for new abusers, or previously banned users to create a new account.

According to The Verge, users who will receive temporary bans may need to verify their account again, either using an e-mail address, or mobile phone. Of course, the former is much easier to create, or replace, so if a new user was reported today, Twitter’s support team will manually compare the flagged user’s phone number to a database containing the list of phone numbers of banned accounts. Twitter can then ban the account permanently, or just implement a temporary barrier depending on the user’s violation.

Additionally, Twitter also confirmed that they recently hired new staff members who will focus on handling reports about abuses on its platform.


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