The campus of the University of Maryland, College Park will transition to mainly online courses after the Thanksgiving break amid concerns of recent spikes in coronavirus cases.

A letter Thursday from university President Darryll Pines said students who plan to travel from campus for the holiday should plan to remain away until the end of the semester and those pupils who choose to remain in residence halls for the Thanksgiving break may stay until the end of the semester.

“[S]lowing the spread of the virus within our campus and our surrounding communities has been and continues to be a major priority and has guided our decision-making,” Pines wrote. “Despite our vigilant efforts, the advent of colder weather with more of us spending more time indoors has led to increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases nationwide and here in Maryland.”

The university will also provide campus-wide coronavirus testing the week before the break.

“Like many of you, I wish for a return to normalcy for our university, including the full resumption of in-person classes and extracurricular activities,” Pines wrote. “Yet this virus continues to demand vigilance, patience and perseverance. I believe the actions outlined above are prudent, data-driven, and in the best interests of our university community.”

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