Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams
**FILE** Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams (Courtesy of Trice Edney News Wire)

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams said Monday he realizes Americans are growing weary of fighting the coronavirus, but he urged people to continue to do what is necessary until imminent vaccines are available.

“My colleagues are dog tired and we need you to hang on just a little bit longer because we’ve got vaccines coming, but we want as many people to be alive to get them as possible,” Adams said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

He said some people are still not taking the pandemic seriously enough, citing increases nationwide in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations.

“It’s really concerning to me that we still have people out there who don’t understand how much spread is occurring by people who don’t have symptoms, who think they’re fine and then we find out a week later that they have tested positive and they’ve exposed other people,” Adams said.

As of Monday, the U.S. had roughly 14.9 million coronavirus cases and 283,000 deaths, both tops globally, according to a Johns Hopkins University tracker

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