Michael Darville
Michael Darville

The U.S. has warned Americans who choose to travel to the Caribbean and other places that they should be aware that they may face unexpected challenges related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, on returning home or attempting to travel from one overseas location to another.

“U.S. citizens who do choose to travel internationally should make contingency plans, as they may have to remain in a foreign country longer than originally planned, which will be at their own expense,” the State Department said in a statement, recommending international travel insurance with coverage for COVID-19-related trip cancellation and medical benefits.

In general, the State Department noted that Medicare and Medicaid do not cover overseas medical costs. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Michael Darville, Bahamas Minister of Health and Wellness, confirmed on Friday, Dec. 28, that the cruise ship MSC Seashore was denied entry by the government to Ocean Cay because of a number of COVID-19 cases on board.

According to the website Cruise Hive, the ship was denied entry in The Bahamas for its call on Dec. 29.

During her five-night trip from Miami, several crew members and a handful of guests were identified as positive with COVID-19.

Ocean Cay is a private island in The Bahamas owned by MSC Cruises.

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