University of the District of Columbia (Courtesy photo)
University of the District of Columbia (Courtesy photo)

The University of the District of Columbia has entered a partnership with the Applied Research Laboratory at Pennsylvania State University to work together on projects related to advanced materials, manufacturing and cybersecurity.

Because the research center at Penn State does considerable research on grants from the United State, the agreement calls for senior leadership with knowledge of Navy applied research to come to the University of the District of Columbia campus to help the historically Black university compete for grant funding from the Navy’s applied research programs.

“At UDC, we are always enthusiastic about partnering with like-minded institutions, and we are pleased to form this relationship with one of the nation’s most comprehensive public research universities,” UDC President Ronald Mason said in a statement. “This agreement offers great promise to deliver vital improvements in manufacturing and cybersecurity technology, while simultaneously educating bright students who are preparing for rewarding STEM-focused careers.”

ARL/PSU Director Paul Sullivan said the partnership is not only advantageous for all involved, but that it’s also a national responsibility that’s dictated by the universities’ land-grant status.

“ARL is particularly excited about the opportunity to recruit from the student body of UDC to continue its work as a UARC, while also increasing the diversity and success of its workforce,” Sullivan said.

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