(Another Believer/Creative Commons By 3.0)
(Another Believer/Creative Commons By 3.0)
(Another Believer/Creative Commons By 3.0)

Royal A. Shepherd, USA TODAY

(USA Today)—The United Way of the Big Bend, in naming its first African American president and CEO, hired an area real estate attorney who has an established passion for serving the community.

Katrina Rolle was sitting in her car when she first got the call from UWBB board of directors chairman Ron Sachs. The only thing the 53-year-old mother of four could do was scream.

“I was very happy,” she said with a grin, minutes after the announcement. “This is a big responsibility and I had to reflect on that, but I am ready to take this on.”

She becomes the second woman to hold the position, succeeding Heather Mitchell, who stepped down after three years to take over as vice-president at Tallahassee Community College in January. Rolle said her race won’t play a factor when she starts the job March 9.



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