(Courtesy photo/University of Pittsburgh)

University of Pittsburgh Mandates Anti-Racism Course for Incoming Freshmen
Freshmen students attending the University of Pittsburgh this fall will be required to take a one-credit class on anti-racism.
The university’s new “Anti-Black Racism: History, Ideology, and Resistance,” course will also be open to “any other interested learners,” according to a university statement issued Thursday.
The goal is “to allow students to gain an understanding of the country’s long struggle with anti-Black racism,” the statement said.
“The course is designed to inform us all about Black history and culture, about the multiple forms of anti-Black racism, and about how we can be anti-racist,” provost and senior vice chancellor Ann Cudd, added to the university’s statement.
“We hope that this course is a first step in helping students to recognize and challenge anti-Black policies and practices when they encounter them, and to develop strategies to be anti-racist in their everyday lives,” said Covington-Ward, who chaired the committee that developed the course.
“Significantly, the course employs an intersectional analysis — taking into account how race is interwoven into other categories including ethnicity, gender, class, sexuality and nationality, according to the course description. [Instructors] will use a variety of scholarly disciplines spanning the Humanities, Social Sciences, the Arts, Science and Public Health to explore these themes to help students understand how anti-Black racism functions in U.S. society.”

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