Courtesy of UniverSoul Circus
Courtesy of UniverSoul Circus

UniverSoul Circus’ “We are ONE” 25th anniversary tour is set to hit Maryland’s National Harbor from June 21-July 22.

Billed for a quarter-century as North America’s top-ranked venue for music, laughter and unrivaled performance artistry, UniverSoul Circus features a multicultural conglomeration of performers from virtually every corner of the globe, including the U.S., South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Chile, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Russia, Guinea, Gabon and Mongolia.

“This has been an amazing journey and a fantastic ride,” said UniverSoul Circus Founder and CEO Cedric Walker, , who was inducted earlier this year into the prestigious Circus Ring of Fame. “Generations have witnessed our growth and have evolved with us. We want our fans to know they will always be a part of the UniverSoul Circus family. Consider us a community-minded, family-oriented, spiritually-uplifting entertainment revival for families across America.”

UniverSoul Circus is sponsored by McDonald’s “Deeply Rooted in the Community” project, with its local franchisees interacting on June 28 with guests during a community night event.

For ticket information, go to or call 800-745-3000.

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