Rev. Manson B. Johnson

By Rev. Manson B. Johnson
Special to the NNPA from the Houston Forward Times

Matthew 16: 19-21

Lesson #5

Bible Fact: Jesus expects all of His disciples to demonstrate the authority and power of His kingdom as a witness to a weak and wicked world.

The Big Idea: To get Christian disciples to surrender their faith beyond the traditional to be offered the opportunity to engage with God without restrictions to do miraculous works that represent God.

Morris Siegel was a street person in Los Angeles. He lived like most street people–roaming about in back alleys, sleeping out-of-doors, carrying everything he owned in an old shopping cart. He was found in an alley, dead of natural causes, perhaps heart trouble. The interesting thing about Morris is that he had $207,421 in the bank at the time of his death. It seems that Morris’ father died and left him the money ten years earlier. When Morris did not claim it, the Division of Unclaimed Property tracked him down, and his family forced him to accept it. He took only enough of the money to buy an old car, where he slept in bad weather. Relatives rented an apartment for him, but he never went there. He died December 14, 1989, with three dollars in his pocket and an untouched fortune in the bank. —Source Unknown.

I. The SOUL ONLY is the citizen that lives in the kingdom of heaven.

  1. On the Cross Jesus suffered for me
  2. In me Jesus saves me
  3. Around me Jesus secures me
  4. By my side Jesus sustains me
  5. For me Jesus sanctifies me

II. 7 Keys to unlock authority and power of the kingdom of heaven within you:

A. Love God; Deuteronomy 6:4-6

  1. Four ways to love God:

a. Believe God…prerequisite for victory or answered expectation (Exodus 4:5; II Chronicles 20:20)

b. Trust God…provides endurance to prevail during trails (Job 13:15,16)

c. Have faith in God…confidence in the existence of The Supreme Power (Hebrews 11:6)

d. Obey God …to accept the control of His authority (Hebrews 11:7,8)

2. Loving God helps the soul to see God and respond to Him in a spiritual observance that transcends any earthly care, understanding or concern; Psalm 35:9; 42:1-4, 62:1,5; 63:1,5; Romans 4:17b

3. Loving God is directly connected to our (spiritual) confidence in His ability to perform the impossible. The resurrection of the dead back to life is the most impossible to believe; yet, it is the most fundamental doctrine of the Christian faith; Matthew 16:21; John 11:20-27

4.Loving God moves humans past complications and questions of earthly restrictions and boundaries; Genesis 18:9-15; Colossians 3:1-3;

B. Manifest your love of God daily in practice (not just on Sundays)

1. Four ways to manifest your love for God within you

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