Motorists picked up a few bad habits in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic amid emptier-than-usual roads and highways — and the reckless driving hasn’t subsided even as traffic returns to normal levels.
The Associated Press reported deaths on highways increased to levels not seen in decades. Officials said the increase is largely due to an uptick in speeding, in addition to jumps in impaired driving and decreases in seat belt use despite pandemic lockdowns.
“There is continued concern about the rise in speeding and aggressive driving as we enter the heart of the vacation travel season and increased traffic volumes on the highway,” New York State Police Spokesman Beau Duffy told AP.
By the end of 2020, traffic fatalities grew up 7%, even as overall driving dropped by 13%, AP reported, citing National Highway Transportation Safety Administration data.
Several experts told AP that police must begin enforcing speed limits for all offending motorists more visibly moving forward.

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