(Politico) – House Democrats have their email fundraising down to a science: Cast Speaker John Boehner as the leading villain, use President Barack Obama’s signature (but sparingly) and don’t hesitate to go ALL CAPS with a subject line like this: “BREAKING: IMPEACHMENT.”

Over the top? Undoubtedly. But the fact is it’s working — better than anything Republicans have tried so far. Last week, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised $4.8 million, thanks to a series of “red alert” emails feeding off talk of impeachment and Boehner’s lawsuit against Obama over executive actions. It was the committee’s best week for online fundraising.

All the handicappers say Democrats have no chance of retaking the House in November and that the party may well lose seats. But in the race for cash, their official campaign arm is leaving the GOP in the dust month in and month out — and email fundraising is the No. 1 reason why.

Republicans are taking notice.


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