Tom Hardy as "Venom" (Courtesy photo)
Tom Hardy as "Venom" (Courtesy photo)

Marvel Entertainment’s “Venom,” co-produced by Columbia Pictures and distributed by Sony Pictures, arrived in theaters Oct. 5. Academy Award nominee Tom Hardy (“Inception”) plays the titular character and his alter ego, journalist Eddie Brock, who accidentally discovers a “parasite” has taken control of his body and mind.

A radical billionaire called Riot, played by Riz Ahmed (“Jason Bourne”), wants to create a hybrid human that could live in other worlds by combining humans with aliens. However, the aliens he captured want something else: humans for food.

One alien escapes capture, merging with human after human until it ends up in Eddie, a passionate journalist looking for a breaking story. Eddie and his Venom persona, through circumstances of survival, become one and serve as the comic relief of the PG-13 thriller.

The battle between Venom and his fellow alien foes is the climax of the sci-fi film that will have you on the edge of your seat.

“Venom” is directed by Ruben Fleisher (“Zombieland”) and co-produced by Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach and Amy Pascal. The Marvel project also stars Academy Award nominee Michelle Williams (“Dawson’s Creek”), Scott Haze and Reid Scott.


“A talk show was never something I want to pursue,” said television producer LaVonda P. Rouse (“Mr. Belvedere”) about “The Blend,” an online talk show that premiered Oct. 3 at “What I found was the need to provide information from people that look like me.”

Cast of “The Blend” (Courtesy photo)

“The Blend” will cover issues of the body, mind and spirit. Hosts include Jewel Diamond Taylor, Dr. Tabatha Carr, Dr. Gloria Chance and Dr. Peace Amadi.

“We are spirit, mind and body,” Rouse said. If one is not aligned it throws the whole self off,”

Rouse said the show’s topics will surround the spirit, mind and body.

“I was looking for certain women,” she said. “Outside of personality, these women are respectful and humble … and they understand why we are doing the show.”

Ahleea Zama, the show’s producer, is also co-executive producer with Rouse and Bever-Leigh Banfied. Amadi is a psychology professor, Carr a women’s health expert, Chance a psychologist and Taylor an emotional wellness educator.

The one-hour web-based talk show is a collaborative endeavor of everyone involved — including its sponsors, which Rouse said she chooses very carefully.

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