(USA Today) – Video is circulating on the Internet that appears to show a Stockton, Calif., police officer roughing up a black male teen for what social media commenters say was jaywalking.

Later in the video, up to nine officers are seen restraining the teen, who appears to be crying.

A spokesman for the police department said, however, that the 16-year-old boy was doing more than jaywalking in the Tuesday morning incident, but walking in a bus-only lane reserved for buses to enter a depot and drop off passengers. The teen refused to move when the officer ordered him to move and began using expletives against the officer and telling him he would not move, Officer Joe Silva, public information officer for the agency, told USA TODAY.

Further exacerbating the situation was that the teen grabbed the officer’s baton and nearly gained control of it, Silva said. The  escalation prompted the officer to call for backup, according to Silva.


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