Happy Kwanzaa! How are you celebrating the holiday this year and what are your thoughts on the tradition?

Merissa N. Arrington, Kansas City, Kan.
We have to celebrate virtual this year, but my family and I love going each night. So much fun and people of all faiths come together and unite.

Muhammad Jihad, Des Moines, Iowa
Happy Kwanzaa to all my brothers and sisters here in America around the world. Keep it going.

Ruth Moore, Atlanta
Umoja, family unity is what we must strive to achieve. Happy Kwanzaa!

Gloria Blue, Englewood, N.J.
Kwanzaa is all about Black people coming together and doing for self! It’s a way to teach our children to love themselves and their families. It is a time to create and reflect. No religion and no negativity. If you don’t want to participate, don’t, but don’t bash the celebration and try to ruin the message. It’s a message of support and love!

Beverly Chappell, Washington, D.C.
I was not taught about my heritage. I think I’ve only known about Kwanzaa for maybe 15 years and the same for Juneteenth and the meaning of it. Knowledge is power and many of us are lost.

Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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