Just in time for Black History Month, Starr Andrews became the first Black woman to medal at the U.S. figure skating championships in over three decades. What are your thoughts?

Amy Dawson, Los Angeles

I love figure skating. I’ve been watching for almost 30 years and have seen very little Blacks and even fewer Black Americans in the sport. Bravo!

Susan Porter, Jonesville, N.C.

I stopped watching ice skating after Debbie Thomas stopped skating. It’s always nice to see someone that looks like you in a spot continuing to be an inspiration to other little girls and boys of color. I am 74 and so thrilled.

T. Alexander, Washington, D.C.

Congratulations to her on her medals, hard work, and willingness to be a role model for other little girls. I am and will continue to pray for her strength and health. 

Jasmine Jay, St. Louis

Congratulations! I’ve been watching her for years on YouTube.

Ann Sabb, Washington, D.C.

Congrats to the young queen.

Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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