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Howard University’s swim and dive team, in an HBCU first, covered Sports Illustrated Daily as the country’s only all-Black collegiate aquatics team. Additionally, on Saturday, the team closed its memorable season with its first conference title in 34 years. What are your thoughts?

Carlton Barry, New York

Congratulations, Howard University Swim and Diving team!

Brian Moss, Mount Holly, N.C.

Love this go, Howard. I fondly remember being one of two Black members of my swim team in high school, and of course, we caught hell, but we held our own. I love to swim to this day, 40 years later.

Shanna Mayes, Washington, D.C.

Congratulations to you all! This is so awesome. We can do anything! So very, very proud of their accomplishments!

Ora York, Los Angeles

I would be happy for Sports Illustrated if they displayed this without it being Black History Month. We make history every day!

Billy Dixon, Baltimore

This is possible when we value our worth and invest in our future.

Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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