As the U.S. distributes the newly approved coronavirus vaccine around the country, a new survey led by the COVID Collaborative finds that Black people overwhelmingly do not trust the safety of the product. What are your thoughts?

Ericka Fields, New Haven, Conn.
I saw firsthand how [COVID-19] affected my mom and was the death of several people I know. I’m taking the vaccine as I have asthma and work with the public in social services. I cannot afford not to.

James Paine, St. Louis
I sure as hell don’t. I’m tested once a week and all results have been negative. Thank God. I wear a mask and practice good hygiene. I’ll watch the guinea pigs get the vaccine first and keep my ears and eyes open for unwanted side effects. Be smart.

Tiffany Alisha, Washington, D.C.
I’m good. I’m not taking anything from a government who wants to use us as crash test dummies. My body is designed to heal itself as long as I take care of it; sea moss, black seed oil, alkaline foods and exercise. I’m great.

Mel DuBose, New York
I go back and forth on it, to be honest. I am not seriously concerned about it being some experiment on Black people a la Tuskegee. That would involve throwing so many Black researchers and medical professionals under the bus. My concern is the speed at which the vaccine was developed and tested. I’d be more convinced about its efficacy if the trials were done over a course of a couple years instead of a few months.

Otis Trotter, Mossillon, Ohio
There is historic rationale for this. But because this virus is so dangerous, it may not serve us well to totally refuse the shots. Personally, I don’t feel the government has any nefarious intentions towards Black or any people. I am not saying that the vaccine won’t have any negative effects. So, for me I’d prefer to wait and see what the side effects on people are. If there are no major problems, I will take it.

Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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