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TV personality Eboni K. Williams has sparked a robust social media debate about finances and relationships after commenting that she would only date a bus driver “if he owns the bus.” What are your thoughts?

Bryanna Greene, Washington, D.C.

I stand with Eboni. Stop tryna make women settle for struggle love. She’s a millionaire. The average salary of a bus driver is $55k. They wouldn’t be equally yoked. And most divorce lawyers are saying relationships where the woman is the breadwinner die faster. Yes, character matters, but money and wealth also matter when dealing with a wealthy woman.

Rohan Thompson, New York

The problem isn’t so much what she said. It’s the meaning or the assumption behind it. She’s saying bus drivers and any hard-working job that doesn’t allow you to become “rich” doesn’t deserve her attention. Basically, she’s calling “middle-class” workers beneath her. She needs some humble pie if you ask me, but God has a way of always showing others the error of their ways.

Rolando Sanchez, Los Angeles

The owner of the bus company will likely be with someone he was with when he was moving up or will choose someone much younger, fit, and in the 8-10 category.

B. Ann, Washington, D.C.

Why are folks mad about her preferences? We all have them. Mine are different from hers, but I rather enjoy being single than lower my standards. I can do good all by myself!

Anita Pressley, Washington, D.C.

Because he owns the bus company doesn’t mean he is capable of loving you, sharing with you, foremost loves God and God fearing, trusting, compassionate, nonviolent, forming a commitment to you, bonding with you, and many other adjectives that describe his devotion to you. Without those things, you will never be happy and content. Money certainly can’t buy that because they are all priceless attributes.

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