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Pro Football Hall of Famer, actor and civil rights activist Jim Brown has died at 87. While the gridiron giant is being mourned by many, some have questioned his complicated legacy regarding off-field incidents. What are your thoughts?

Margaret Moton, Philadelphia

Rest in peace, Mr. Jim Brown. He will be remembered in sports movies and the civil rights movement. He was a legend, left his mark, and won’t be forgotten. Rest in heavenly peace. 

Carl Scott, Washington, D.C.

The GOAT. Rest in heaven.

Stephanie Huff, Washington, D.C.

Just like some remember what he did on the field, community activism, etc. Some will remember his violent past with women. No, we cannot ignore that. It’s a part of his past. I pray he sought forgiveness and made amends with those he hurt.

Will Benson, Birmingham, Ala. 

Jim Brown was arguably one of the greatest athletes of our time. Excelling in lacrosse and football. Fifty years after leaving the NFL, he is still a top-five running back. He was the truth!

Byron Hurt, Plainfield, N.J.

Jim Brown was one of the greatest football players to ever play the game. No one can question that. He was a great champion for issues that affect Black men. I greatly appreciate his using his platform and influence to address gang violence and other social issues. He was also accused of being abusive to women multiple times in his life after football, which always saddened me because it was clear to me that he had a pattern of abuse in his relationships, and I can’t ignore that part of his history. It definitely complicates his legacy, to say the very least.

Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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  1. An Icon that will be greatly missed. But never forgotten. Take your wings and soar

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