Recording artist Teyana Taylor made headlines when she wrote on social media that she was retiring from music due to feeling underappreciated. What are your thoughts about musicians who walk away from music for such reasons?

Lucius Baston, New York City
As an artist, we have to decide if we’re doing it for the love of the art or for the accolades. Choose wisely. Sade comes to mind. She only put out music when she felt inspired to.

Shaun Edmonds, Meridian, Miss.
Sometimes the world isn’t ready for your talents. She is actually a really good artist.

Nakita Gray, Birmingham, Ala.
I really like her more as an actress than a singer! I really couldn’t get into any of her music. I tried, but she just didn’t catch my attention as an artist.

Coletha Crawford, Washington, D.C.
In an industry where everybody looks alike and sounds the same, she’s right. She’s definitely unique, but great artist are slept on continuously. And people say just do the music because you love it, but she’s still human. Everybody wants to be appreciated and recognized!

Sasha Gugu, Washington, D.C.
It’s a shame, ’cause she is indeed underappreciated — but not by us, but her record label. She should actually be bigger by now with all the talent she has.

Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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