Howard University (Courtesy photo)
Howard University (Courtesy photo)

Howard University administrators are altering the way the classics is addressed in the school’s curriculum. Is removing the Classics Department a good idea?

Cee Vallejo, Washington, D.C.
I hope administrators reconsider. There are other options. This will be a tremendous loss.

Nick Padilla, Sydney, Australia
There seems to be a pervading philosophy about music and subjects like the classics. I think it adds depth and breadth to our academics. Mind you, I think Howard has a responsibility to widen its classics to include other prominent civilizations, but cutting it isn’t the key. The problem is the classics do not pay your bills. That’s why many educational institutions cut them. But education isn’t about paying bills, or if it is, it’s not only about paying bills. Rather, it’s about becoming a better human being. My wish is they reverse their decision.

Renea Henry, New York City
Everyone who has a criticism of Howard’s decision should send a generous donation to them to fund their position.

Lisa Godley, Washington, D.C.
Howard University merged the classics department into other departments, as stated by the president of the university. Nothing to see here. Next faux outrage …

Anthony Dandridge, Milwaukee
The fact that a historically Black college has an entire department dedicated to the history, and achievements of the people and cultures that would one day dominate and enslave them is … a choice. I’m not saying it’s not important. I’m saying how many people go to that particular school to pursue degrees centered around it?

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