The CDC says fully vaccinated people can safely resume most activities, indoors or outdoors, without masks or distancing, except in crowded indoor settings such as public transit and hospitals. What are your thoughts?

Sharon Hollis, Washington, D.C.
Thanks, but no, thanks. With so much vaccine hesitancy, I will continue to wear my mask. To each his own. Better safe than sorry. #WearAMask

Debra Rogers, Washington, D.C.
I guess that’s good, but the ones without vaccines are what scares me. I will continue to wear a mask because that’s what is best for me!

Chester Hawkins, Monrovia, Calif.
Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.

Tony Jones, Philadelphia
And what about bars? They are more congested than public transit and hospitals. This is a wrongheaded attempt at normalcy, as we’re not at herd immunity stages yet.

Yohannes Gigar, Washington, D.C.
Let’s not forget, fully vaccinated unmasked adults can still receive and transmit the virus to non-vaccinated people in their families. So no, I will still keep wearing my mask so that I will protect myself and those around me.

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