**FILE** Bill Cosby (left) and Andrew Wyatt (AP/Pool photo)
**FILE** Bill Cosby (left) and Andrew Wyatt (AP/Pool photo)

Bill Cosby, 83, who is serving a 3-to-10-year sentence for a 2018 aggravated indecent assault conviction, was recently denied parole after refusing to admit guilt. What are your thoughts?

Patricia Thomas, Washington, D.C.
This man is 83 years old and in poor health. Why can’t he be released to serve out the remainder of his term in a supervised home environment?

Francyne Dykes, Washington, D.C.
Never admit to something you didn’t do. Many Black men have been incarcerated for crimes they didn’t commit but admitted — tricked — to doing for a lesser sentencing.

Moor Yusuf, Saint Paul, Minn.
He’s only doing this to get sympathy from his delusional supporters, because he wants to salvage his legacy. Bill quit being Black when he became a billionaire talking down to the working class and poor Blacks to criticize us about our alleged cultural or lifestyle deficits.

Judy Howard, St. Louis
Denied parole? Really? He’s 83 years old — what’s the point?

Sean Suave, Washington, D.C.
Cosby may not have been guilty of all of these allegations, but he was guilty of a few, and I don’t have any sorrow for anyone responsible for committing despicable acts of sexual misconduct. Allegedly, some of “old” Black Hollywood knew about Bill’s conduct for years. Quit the pity party.

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