After a weekslong tenure controversy at the University of North Carolina, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones announced she will teach at Howard University instead. The HBCU also announced award-winning writer Ta-Nehesi Coates will join its faculty. What are your thoughts?
Airais Holmes, Suffolk, Va.
This is the ultimate checkmate! Congratulations to Ms. Jones, Mr. Coates and Howard University.
Mary Lott, St. Louis
Congratulations to two great prospective faculty members who will be excellent role models and instructors for the Howard University students!
Mike B. Washington, D.C.
Absolutely wonderful, but it should have been the first option. If they don’t want you there [UNC] under your well-earned requirements, then don’t be there. Thank you, Howard, for opening your loving HBCU arms and welcoming them to the family.
Sonya Morris, Winston-Salem, N.C.
Go where you are appreciated and where you can help. UNC’s loss, HU’s gain.
Wentemi Kante, Washington, D.C.
Good for her! UNC looks stupid now. Howard is a great step for her and the students will gain so much from her. Keep supporting HBCUs and send your kids to them.
Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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