A North Carolina car dealership called a Black female customer “BonQuisha” in a now-deleted Facebook post. The employee who made the post has been fired, according to reports. Some say the woman should return the car. What are your thoughts?
Peg Law, Washington, D.C.
She should’ve taken that car right back to the dealership. You teach companies consequences and how to treat you with your money. She can do business with a different dealership.
Anne Castillo, Greensboro, N.C.
I wanted her to return the car. Why give them a sale?
Zaina Abbas, Washington, D.C.
That employee meant what he wrote. I’m tired of their excuses.
Omay Cordova, Washington, D.C.
They should give her the car for free or she should start the process of a lawsuit. Pick one.
Felice Childress, Nashville, Tenn.
I took my car to a dealership and they spelled my name so unrecognizable that I had to use my VIN number for them to identify my part order and the work that needed to be done. When I went in for repairs, they were calling me over the intercom, but I didn’t know who they were talking about until they came and got me. It was crazy!
Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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