More than 20 historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) have used federal pandemic relief funds to pay their students’ outstanding tuition balances. What are your thoughts?
Clara Beach, Washington, D.C.
Meanwhile, the college my college student attends intercepted Pell Grants and docked them. They did not refund dorm fees when they went online and students had to move back home. They raised GPA requirements for merit scholarships, raised student fees, limited CARES Act relief assistance to students who could prove directly related COVID hardship cases only, and took away as many of the university-sponsored scholarships as they could find excuses to rescind.
Nikki Charles, Marlton, N.J.
Tuition balances are not student loans. It means that you had a balance on your account with the university that remained after loans/grants/payments. The universities themselves are saying students who owed us money no longer owe it to the university. It’s not free education, or avoiding paying student loan debt. Every single university had the option to make the same decision many did and many didn’t.
Donita Snowden, Clinton, Md.
It gives African American graduates a better chance of building wealth similar to our white counterparts. This is an awesome and good start at leveling the playing field! The U.S. really needs to address the cost of higher ed in general, especially when it’s still really hard to find good-paying jobs.
Victoria Jean, Adelphi, Md.
Love, love, love this! Give people a chance to actually use their education and better this world instead of crippling them with debt and exhausting them by requiring multiple jobs to live a sustainable life.
Nezzie DeFrank, New York
All education should be free!
Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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