In her highly anticipated return to the track after missing the 2020 Olympics, American sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson finished last in a 100-meter race at the Prefontaine Classic, with Jamaican runners taking the top three spots. What are your thoughts?
Todd Oldham, Atlanta
First off, congratulations to the Jamaican women sprinters. They really deserve high praise. Sha’Carri needs someone in her camp to give her some real talk. To whom much is given, much is required. Weed has held her back from competing in the Olympics. It possibly was a factor in her poor performance along with the lack of training. Cursing while interviewing on national TV isn’t cute or professional. We’re all here to support her, but certain actions are just unacceptable.
Elle Ice, Little Rock, Ark.
When the opportunity/door opens up, don’t waste it! Sha’Carri wasn’t ready mentally for it and messed it up! That’s a sign of immaturity. I hope she gets it together and realizes that talk is cheap. It’s all about how she showed up when it counted and that was poor. She should be learning from those who’ve been around and dominating. She should stop focusing on trying to prove others wrong, and just prove herself right!
Shneia Tamu, Buffalo, N.Y.
I think it’s very interesting how so many people rallied behind Sha’Carri when she was disqualified from participating in the Olympics, but now they are clowning her for losing this race. Nothing like building her up just to knock her back down.
Kym Harris, Washington, D.C.
The Jamaican sprinters showed up and showed out. Awesome athletes! Elaine Thompson- Herah performed as a true gold medal Olympian. Her other team members performed likewise. Black girl magic! Hopefully, Sha’Carri will snap back and perform to her potential. I’m looking forward to her future races.
Kena R., Washington, D.C.
Understand that Black women are dominating, period. Forget countries — we’re all connected to greatness. Celebrate that and leave the separation tactics to the true divider.
Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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