Rhode Island state Rep. Anastasia P. Williams has drawn criticism for suggesting that the state’s own homeless and poor populations should be prioritized before the state houses “stranger” Afghan refugees. What are your thoughts?

Beatrice Wallace, Memphis, Tenn.
If America can provide provisions for the Afghan people, then America can do the same thing for the homeless people all over America. Trust and believe, the Afghan people will not be living on the streets. It’s going to look bad on America if the people from Afghanistan are given food and shelter, while Americans are still homeless living on the streets.

Chandra Williams, Washington, D.C.
She had a point, [but] the delivery was just off. If the point was not trying to be picked apart, then it would be the point of the conversation. There are homeless in Rhode Island and they should get the benefits that are being provided to the Afghans first. They are citizens, paid taxes and are taxpayers. Perhaps that would have been better.

Barbara Simmons, Boston
You will be criticized for telling the truth, sister, but tell it anyway.

Tammy Collier, Washington, D.C.
I completely understand where she’s coming from. If our family member is in need, we need to help our family first. Then we can help our neighbor who is also in need.

Alvin Bridgeforth, Temple Hills, Md.
Was this not Trump’s slogan, “America first”? In reality, America has disposed, displaced and ignored those in need.

Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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