Ice Cube (Courtesy of NNPA Newswire)
Ice Cube (Courtesy of NNPA Newswire)

Rapper/actor Ice Cube reportedly left the forthcoming film “Oh Hell No” and his $9 million salary over the movie studio’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. What are your thoughts?

Nicole Jackson, Jacksonville, Fla.
Choices. We all have them.

Kelly Redmon, Houston
Cube has [his film and television production company] CubeVision. He doesn’t need Sony. He writes, produces, acts and rap. He’s self-made. You can’t buy Ice Cube — he told you in [his album] “AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted.”

Brandy Johnson, Dallas
I support anyone’s right not to take the vaccine. As long as they aren’t harming others with reckless behavior or citing misinformation about the vaccine, we’re good. This was his choice and he accepted the consequences. What’s the problem?

Rod Houston, Washington, D.C.
Find new stars. They are out there. Hollywood gets lazy, giving roles to the same ol’ people.

Alan Bowen, Washington, D.C.
He can do what he wants to do. He has money. Not the choice I would make, but clearly he feels strongly about this.

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