Antonio Brown (Courtesy photo)
Antonio Brown (Courtesy photo)

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown, who walked off the field midgame on Jan. 2 against the New York Jets, alleges that the organization attempted to force him to play while injured and is lying about the events that led to his outburst. What are your thoughts?

Kim Crawley, Nashville, Tenn.

There is something going on. We as a village need to help Mr. Brown. Professional football players have the same mental health problems as everyone else, but they also face some unique challenges, such as confusion, depression, aggression, dementia, and other symptoms that can accompany a degenerative brain disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy [CTE] that’s caused by repeated hits and blows to the head. I’m sending prayers and love to Antonio Brown and his family.

Delvin George, Washington, D.C.

I hate that people talked about this man like he was nothing. You never know what this man was going through at the moment. All I can do is pray that this man gets the help he needs for his life. All people worry about is winning and losing a football game. I pray he wins in life. Football is a dangerous game, and the hit he took in Cincinnati was bad. Let’s lift him up in prayer, not talk about him.

Rich Allen, Dallas

It’s just football for entertainment. Just because he walks out on some billionaire’s team doesn’t mean something is wrong with him. The team lets players go when they feel the need, and no one thinks there’s something wrong with them.

Henry Hill, New Kent, Va.

He was at an NBA game last night looking unconcerned. So if he is not concerned for himself, why should I be? He is a clown — wasted talent.

Jason Grove, Pittsburgh 

We need to stop making excuses for these athletes. All of a sudden, we can diagnose mental health and CTE/TBI as unqualified fans. It’s great to give them the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes, no matter how much we love them as fans, we need to accept bad behavior without trying to steer it toward mental health. My opinion: money and fame changed AB, and the more he got away with just empowered his ego.

Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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