**FILE** Jim Jones (CPX Interactive via Wikimedia Commons)
**FILE** Jim Jones (CPX Interactive via Wikimedia Commons)

Rapper Jim Jones says he was ignored for over an hour while waiting for service during a recent visit to a Gucci store. He joins many Black celebrities who’ve accused other high-end retailers of similar treatment. What are your thoughts?

Marlo Williams, Washington, D.C.

It’s his fault! He should’ve left the store.

Sam Montgomery, Atlanta

Here’s a guy who stated his mom taught him how to French kiss. If you notice, he has been in the media so much now. That’s to override the statement he made about his mom after receiving so much backlash. Jim Jones, just get off of it already.

Cornell Graham, Jackson, Miss.

Don’t spend your money where it’s not appreciated. It ain’t that hard. Stop crying.

Jerey Ojeah, Washington, D.C.

When are you guys going to learn? A lot of Black celebrities walk around like billboards for these companies and they treat them like crap. I guess when you guys start respecting Black designers, they will show you some respect! Classic snub.

Connie Reeves, Des Moine, Iowa

I really think he should get someone to compose a letter for him on exactly what happened and how he truly feels and send it to their corporate heads at the top. The power of the pen is huge!

Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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  1. I really think that these artist and people with money should look for a black designer and start making them famous the way they make Gucci famous, at the end of the day Gucci don’t care about black people we always sliding backwards. Start circulating our money in our community.

  2. I don’t care, big money, little money, black or white! If someone comes in your establishment, your workers should respect the customer! Coming from someone who’s had a business! A lot of people commenting and attacking his character and his money! Which has nothing to do with how he was treated. Now I would not have stayed an hour but an email would be sent. Jim Jones did nothing wrong but be born black and made money. Now wether he spends his money elsewhere or not, that’s his money. I hope that he will spend his money with a black designer but if he doesn’t, it’s his money and I’m not mad at him.

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