Will Smith yells at comedian Chris Rock (not pictured) from his front-row seat at the 2022 Oscars after taking the stage and slapping him for a joke about Smith's wife during the March 27 ceremony at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.
Will Smith yells at comedian Chris Rock (not pictured) from his front-row seat at the 2022 Oscars after taking the stage and slapping him for a joke about Smith's wife during the March 27 ceremony at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

In a surprising turn of events, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock onstage at the 2022 Academy Awards after the comedian made a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. Do you think Smith overreacted?

Tina Clark, Crestview, Fla.

Will’s speech meant nothing to me after that moment. It would’ve meant more had he not slapped the taste out of someone’s mouth. We all understand the struggle because we still see it daily, but he added more to it at the same time. People of color will forever keep fighting for a place in this world. We have to pick our battles and tonight wasn’t that night to pick that one. 

Donna M., Washington, D.C.

There have been several rappers who have made comments about Jada and her hair and the entanglement she had. Will didn’t run up on any of them. Chris is a comedian. He cracks jokes. I don’t think it warranted him being chastised like he was a disobedient child!

Michelle Murphy, Grand Rapids, Mich.

I didn’t know that I could love this Black man so much. He did what Black women all over the world needed to see: a Black man defending a Black woman, his wife! Chris Rock was out of line!

S. Sheena, Washington, D.C.

Chris was mocking Jada’s bald head, not her career. The hit was unnecessary and so was making fun of her baldness, which is due to autoimmune disease.

Kurt Felix, Washington, D.C.

People talk about him defending his wife, but Chris is a comedian and was doing what comedians do. Will did not have to meet that with violence. He tried to say something in his acceptance speech but it spoiled the mood for me.

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  1. Why did Chris Rock not rehearse the joke before presentation . He knew it would be rejected, so I feel he got what he deserved. This was not practiced at rehearsal, so he went out on his own and you see what happened? That is the reason for rehearsals. Do as we say do, not as I do chose. There is a reason, to save everyone embarrassment.

  2. Hello, yes we blame Jada p.Smith, she cud have handled that a lot better , since she got so much power over Will. All she had to do was hollered back to Chris, ok u think I’d b good for the part, I leaving to u to talk to the producers , meaning myb the next G.I.Jane and laughed. It wud have been over. She make me sick. Will was out of character and vulnerable excited nervous about the nite , also tired of ppl talking about them. Its not them its Jada she has always been the worst part of that marriage. Walking around Hollywood with that young ass rapper boy. She just wanted to go wild and get something different sex wise. She the one that has got that family fucked up. Jaden was doing good following his dad, then she came up with emancipation for those young kids. Mommie will keep ur secrets cuz she got them .Now he gay, the daughter just wild., but still a lil girl they try to put her own , presenting some perfume dressed in all this stuff not her , it was to mature for her what they were trying to come across with. Anyway Will reacted. She rolling her eyes looking like a ghetto rapper type girl anyway. Even at her age. She already got filled in cheeks. Now her hair that shit will come and go , she rich enuff for whatever wig implants or wearing it bald. It seemed so immature…I feel bad for Will and Chris. Jada is key to it all. Or Will cud have went over whispered in her ear, baby we get straight after ok u good. Or grabbed her hand real tight and looked at her , or pinched her no, no, not now smile, smile ok.it wud have been alright. Rather they watched that they were conversing to themselves than going up smacking her. She done so many embarrassing things , now she probably feeling insecure i get it her hair made her look better. She really is sunk in face and bald headed. She is a trouble maker in the marriage. WILL is a good actor, we mad cuz it took away the Williams nite to shine. He should have called them up , the gurls been threw hell being called ugly.nappy headed. I get that to they black hair course they run all day with them balls sweating. They strong minded and been raised to achieve. It messed up everyone nite.
    Will look like a little boy, saying stop talking bout my girlfriend. They cud have laughed it off. Then later with Will present, Jada cud have went to Chris and said after or while commercial break yes I’m bald cuz I cut it off cuz of spots bald. I have alopecia, I’m still a little sensitive ok. Chris wud have said im sorry I didn’t know it was just a joke but a good one. So sorry I b cool
    Ms Tee

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