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Famed rapper and mogul Jay-Z has faced backlash after announcing a Bitcoin Academy at his childhood home, Brooklyn’s Marcy housing projects, with some residents saying the billionaire musician is out of touch. What are your thoughts?

Morgan Terry, Washington, D.C.

Imagine telling people, “This is the future. Let me educate you about it. And if you get in now, you could be rich in the future,” and they say we don’t want that. Your mindset can really hold people back. The classes are free, right? What’s the problem? Don’t go.

Phoenix Smith, Washington, D.C.

Bitcoin is crashing and a horrible investment right now. It’s a scam like NFTs. 

Nick Bembridge, Minneapolis

Imagine Jay-Z thinking, “I know what the community needs — a Bitcoin academy.” Yeah, that’s it.

Winston Smart, New York

Jay-Z owes you or me nothing. Before you can change your circumstances, you have to start within yourself and change your thinking.

Carlos Logan, Washington, D.C.

At least he is doing something. Learning how to invest bitcoin and CDs might start something positive. It’s better than being in the streets.

Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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