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The defunct Black News Channel is set to make a comeback after reports that media mogul Byron Allen has bought the network. What are your thoughts?

Aiukli Knox, Washington, D.C.

Thank you, Byron Allen, for reporting on the Black news. This media mogul cares about change. Rich entrepreneur entertainers, take notes.

Eric Outler, Atlanta

Meanwhile, the ratings for “reality shows” are through the roof! But never mind.

Stan Howard, New York

Part of the reason why we don’t understand how policies work in our communities is because we have very little networks that support Black journalism. They’re out there. We have to support them. So-called “reality” TV is a distraction.

April Black, Washington, D.C.

Yes! I was hurt when the station closed down. We need our own news now more than ever.

Michele Hart, New York

Thank you, Mr. Allen!

Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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