Clarence Thomas
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has decided not to teach a seminar this fall at George Washington University’s law school after students demanded his removal. What are your thoughts?

Patti Roach, New York

Good. This generation will let you know for sure.

Kezzeth Jackson, Dallas

And just think he replaced a great man — Thurgood Marshall. Now I understand Reconstruction.

Cheryl Ross, Washington, D.C.

We should have believed Anita [Hill] when she called him out.

James Ritchie, St. Louis

It’s their loss. Justice Thomas is a national treasure, and we are better for having this upstanding justice on the SCOTUS. He won’t lack for other teaching and speaking opportunities.

Wayne Christophe, New Orleans

As a sitting SCOTUS, he should have been impeached because of his and his wife’s behavior. Unacceptable as a judge.

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  1. When George H.W Bush nominated him, he did so specifically and purposely to spite the civil rights community and “liberals” generally for demanding that Thurgood Marshal’s replacement must be a black man. In paraphrase, Bush I said, “Boy! Have I got somebody for you guys.”

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