**FILE** Brittney Griner (Courtesy of УГМК via Wikimedia Commons)
**FILE** Brittney Griner (Courtesy of УГМК via Wikimedia Commons)

WNBA star Brittney Griner was found guilty of drug charges in Russia and sentenced to nine years in prison. White House officials have offered to do a prisoner swap for the release of Griner. Do you think Russia will cooperate with the United States?

Dexter Pearce, Washington, D.C.

Unfortunately, we all knew she’d be found guilty because the trial was a sham. But a guilty verdict was necessary for the Russian government to start seriously considering the prisoner swap. Swapping her before she’s guilty would mean Russia was admitting she was purely a political prisoner. So while this is a terrible situation, the verdict brings her one step closer to getting home.

Shango G., Norfolk, Va.

This is very sad. Honestly, I feel arrogance got us here. Brit’s arrogance, for not listening when to leave, for bringing paraphernalia in her luggage where she knew she should not. Then America’s arrogance for thinking they can politicize her way back here. It may have fueled their courts and lessened any chance of sympathy.

Andre Thomas, Orlando, Fla.

I can only hope this encourages more Americans to research the laws and customs of countries they visit because Americans seem to think that their constitutional protections follow them everywhere they go.

T. Randolph, Washington, D.C.

I want someone to tell me what is the difference between hundreds of thousands locked up for marijuana in America and her. Why not a protest to free them? Russia doesn’t owe her or America anything.

Felicia Gibbs, Socorro, N.M.

Why do people think she gets a free pass just because she is American? Common sense should have told her to check and double-check her luggage, something I do before I fly internationally. Each country has its prohibitions listed.

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