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Jackson, Mississippi, majority African American and the largest city in the state, is experiencing a severe water crisis, leaving an estimated 150,000 residents without clean, running water to bathe and cook. The situation has been ongoing for over a week and is reportedly due to a water treatment plant malfunction. However, state officials say relief is coming. What are your thoughts?

Judith Baker, New York

We can send help to outside countries but can’t help our own.

Lin Will, Washington, D.C.

Why isn’t this a national emergency?

T. Gamble, Washington, D.C.

I saw yesterday on the news about some water issue in Iran, and I believe the government gave them $5 million! Biden better offer the same amount to Jackson, but no one should hold their breath.

Christine Jones, Avondale, La. 

Now is the time to come together. This town in Louisiana pulled together and raised money to help themselves when the government failed them. They were able to buy trailers to house some families. Sometimes you got to move past the handouts and do it yourself.

Ricky Johnson, Baltimore

I really hope this turmoil will motivate the citizens of Mississippi to go register and vote! Voters of Mississippi have the power to get rid of the politicians that have contributed to the dismay of the water system in Jackson and the Republicans that voted against the Infrastructure bill.

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