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Rapper and fashion designer Kanye West has called for African Americans to boycott Adidas after West terminated his sneaker partnership with the company for allegedly stealing his designs. While some agree with West, many are calling out his hypocrisy on what Black issues are. What are your thoughts?

Chris Green, State College, Pa.

While I do feel like Kanye is right in this situation, I’m not boycotting them for him. That’s [a] beef between billionaires. His overpriced shoes ain’t doing nothing for me.

Butch Walker, Columbia, S.C.

They’re doing everything they can to get our minds off of what’s really happening. We must get out and vote in our local elections this November. Forget West and Kelly, and think about what kind of country we are going to leave the next generation.

Suzanne Bond, Montclair, N.J.

I think Kanye is about to find out how little influence he now has. Their sales will probably rise!

Alan Bowen, Arbutus, Md.

I would never do anything in the name of Kanye. He is out having “free thoughts “and telling the world that Harriet Tubman didn’t do anything, but help slaves get new jobs. He hugs Trump in the White House and calls him daddy! I have no time for people like him who are conveniently Black when things don’t go their way. He can hold his own with this fight.

Sahih Muhammad, Washington, D.C.

It’s not misguided at all! His IP can’t be stolen or replicated. That is against the law. Why can’t Black people support each other first of all? And why can’t Black people stand against corporate aggression (white supremacy) as a whole without it being portrayed as a misguided civil rights issue?

Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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